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West Cumbria

The Cormorant's Tale (Whitehaven)

The Tern's Tale

(Haverigg & Hodbarrow

The Oystercatcher's Tale (Silecroft)

The Sand Martin's Tale )Drigg & Seascale

The Kittiwake's Tale (St Bees)

The Curlew's Tale (Ravenglass)

Whitehaven Story side
Haverigg & Hodbarrow Story side
Silecroft Story side
Drigg Story side
St Bees Story side
Ravenglass Story side
Whitehaven Map side
Haverigg & Hodbarrow Map side
Silecroft Map side
Drigg Map side
St Bees Map side
Ravenglass Map side
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Penrith, Ullswater and Eden valley



Hetti the Carvetii of Pooley Bridge        1.5km and 6km (Preview)


The Nozomi Bird of Aira Force              3km and 7km (Preview)


The Marsh Kelpie of Askham Fell          5km and 10km (Preview)


The Glenridding Griffin of Lantys' tarn   3km (Preview)


The Grumbletrog of Cliburn Moss         1km (Preview)


Pip the Impossible of Lowther               4.5km and 5.5km (Preview)


Eric the Curious of Hallin Fell                3km and 7km (Preview)

Appleby Castle Tale Trail (free with entry)        1 and 2 km loops (preview)






 Luna the Glow worm of Coppermines Valley         6km (Preview)


Keswick (paper copy only)

The Blencathra Bear       5.5km (Preview)

Solway (paper copy only)

Conan the Brave of Finglandrigg Wood      2km and 3km (Preview)

Elmo the Peewit of Campfield Marsh    2.5km and 4.5km (Preview)



Maryport (paper copy only)

The Adventures of Humphrey and Bo 5km (Preview)



Greystoke (near Penrith) 


The Raven of Eycott hill  Download here 

Maulds Meaburn (Westmorland Dales)

Elma and the Giant (Free download here)





The Littles of Arnside knott    7km 


Arnside Trail Map
Arnside Story side

Walney Island and the Irish Sea

The Eiderling      5km   (Free copies available through Cumbria wildlife Trust  here)                      

The Secret of the Sea    (virtual trail)         (Free download available here)



The Little Cucumber Fish of the Wyre      (Free download avalable here)

The Little Egret of St Annes                      (Free download avalable here)

Buck the Barnacle of Blackpool                 (Free download avalable here)  


All 4 Millenium Trust Tale Trails are available here at a small cost to support the charity.... Shop (

The Clapham Boggart

Samson the GIANT of Stainforth

The Gauber Trolls of Ribblehead

The Curious Howlet of Feizor 


Hadrian's wall (paper copy only)

The Adventures of Mungo and Bran - Romans      4km (Preview)


Wooler (paper copy only)

The Adventures of Mungo and Bran - Saxons       5km (Preview)





East Village/Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

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