Nozomi bird of Aira force



The Nozomi bird of Aira force is no ordinary bird.

In fact the Nozomi bird is so special she
is like no other bird you have ever seen. She has no feathers at all,
her tweet is more of a babble and most importantly she is made
entirely of wishes and water.


The Nozomi bird does not live in nests in the trees

like most birds, instead she lives in tiny rock caves

behind a most magnificent waterfall called
Aira force. Aira force waterfall is 70 feet high! That’s almost 3
houses one on top of the other, and the best news of all is that you
can actually go and see this place.



The Nozomi bird doesn’t need to eat worms

or berries or seeds like ordinary birds, in fact she

needs no food at all because the Nozomi bird is

brought to life by wishes. Every time someone makes a wish
(and that includes you), the Nozomi bird chases it through the
air and plucks it off the breeze as fast as lightning.


If the wishes are wonderful, the Nozomi bird

flies up into the sky, as high as the sun and the stars,

and lets the wish go, just like a
feather in the breeze. Only then can the wish

become true, so think carefully about what you wish for!






A beautiful 3km walk around the magnificent waterfalls and landscaped banks of National Trusts Aira Force. One of the must see attractions around Ullswater and just a short walk from the Ullswater steamer pier.



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