Marsh Kelpie of Askham Fell



The Marsh Kelpie of Askham fell has been around for many moons.

He sees and hears everything but he knows you can't always see him.



The Marsh Kelpie
lives in the dark waters of Askham fell, near to lake Ullswater. He
is what’s known as a 'water spirit', and can take many forms.



The Marsh Kelpie (or 'water spirit') is quite wary of humans and can
decide very quickly whether to be your friend or foe; so watch out
because he finds children very tasty!


Usually the Marsh Kelpie
takes the form of a beautiful grey horse when he is on the land, and
transforms into a hideous green goblin when he dives back into the
dark waters.



The Marsh Kelpie is extremely strong and is as powerful
as 50 horses!  “What an amazing animal to tame!” the people of
Askham fell have thought over the centuries, but some of them have
been proved to be very wrong......







A fascinating 5-10km walk on Askham fell, home to many intriguing ancient sites from stone circles to burial cairns and a herd of wild ponies too! A spooky theme on open moorland!


Make a day of it and visit Askham hall - play area, rare breed animals and lots of yummy treats.




To enjoy The Marsh Kelpie Tale Trail 

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