Grumbletrog of Cliburn Moss



The Grumbletrog of
Cliburn moss is a bit of a tease. “A tease?” I hear you say,
“What do you mean?”


Well , you see the
Grumbletrog likes to be known as a mysterious, mythical creature.
Wow! Big words for a big creature, you see the Grumbletrog is at
least 8 feet tall (probably 3 times your height!).


The Grumbletrog is the
type of mysterious, mythical creature that likes to keep people
guessing. Some people think they have seen him walking amongst the
swamps of Cliburn moss and some people think he is just in their
imagination... Well that's the way the Grumbletrog likes it, because
as I said earlier, the Grumbletrog is a great big tease........




 A really unique 1km walk around the boardwalks and swamps of Cliburn Moss nature reserve.  A real hidden gem with lots to get the imagination going!


A great day out when combined with the nearby Abbotts lodge ice cream farm near Melkinthorpe.


To enjoy The Grumbletrog Tale Trail 

download your free copy here...  

UPDATE There are ponies periodically grazing on some parts of Cliburn moss. Please contact Natural England to find out more


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