The Glenridding Griffin of Lantys tarn



Do you know that every mountain and every valley

in the Lake District has a dragon? These
dragons have been around since the medieval times when

King Arthur and his knights commanded the land.


Ullswater is a very special place and therefore

has a very special dragon. The dragon
creature who guards Ullswater valley is a Griffin.

Really he is half lion and half eagle.

He has feathered ears, huge snorting nostrils, a
giant beak, a long pointed tail and huge wings that

he uses to soar high over the mountains.



A lion is the king of beasts and an eagle is
the king of birds, so a Griffin is an especially

magical and powerful creature. Did you know

that Griffins are also known for guarding treasure?

Griffins are especially fond of Silver and Gold.



  A great 3km walk up to a hidden tarn above Glenridding village with great views of the surrounding mountains and Ullswater. You can do this walk straight from the Ullswater steamer pier, what a great combination.


To enjoy The Griffin's Tale Trail 

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