The Blencathra Bear Tale Trail

'An educational commission for the Field Studies Council'



Trail overview: The Blencathra Bear Tale Trail has been designed to help children and families explore the local area and discover how they can do their bit to help the environment.

Themes: Using the Tale Trail can aid discussions on climate change and environmental awareness through the use of storytelling. Key metaphor 'everyone doing their bit can really help'

Trail location: Around Threlkeld and Blencathra centre (4 miles east of Keswick)

Length: 5.5 km


Terrain: Quiet country roads, footpaths and open fell.



About Blencathra centre:

Blencathra Centre is one of Bear’s favourite places. The centre has been helping people understand the world around them for over twenty years. Every year, about 8000 people come to the centre, studying geography, biology, and science through first-hand fieldwork. There are also courses for adults and families, such as bushcraft and adventure, when you could come and stay here with your parents and brothers or sisters.


Bear has taught Blencathra Centre how one small change can make a big difference. Instead of using polluting fuels such as oil and coal,
Blencathra Centre now creates its own renewable energy. Because there is so much rain here, there is a turbine on the gill which spins as the water flows past it to generate electricity and “biomass”
wood pellets are burnt to keep the buildings warm. The wood for the
pellets comes from “sustainable” woodlands, where two trees are
planted for every one which is chopped down.




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