The Adventures of Mungo and Bran - Saxons



“By the time the sun sets today those Saxon raiders will be on our doorstep!” said Bran to his faithful friend Mungo, who’s knees started to shake a little bit. They had been watching smoke rising from the raider’s fires as they travelled the 15 miles inland from theNorth Sea. They had heard terrible tales about the Saxons and their barbarian ways and began to wonder what would happen when they arrived.


“They come in big fancy boats you know Mungo and carry HUGE battle axes and deadly spears and they even take our goats. We better prepare ourselves for battle!” said Bran with a very serious Celtic war pose. Mungo puffed his chest out to make himself look brave and mighty and snorted loudly through his big furry nostrils. From the west summit of the hill fort you can see for miles, right across to theNorth Sea in fact and Mungo and Bran could see the smoke plumes getting closer and closer….the Saxons were coming!


I wonder what you will see from the east and west summits of the hill fort. It’s like being on top of the world in a huge sky ship!


Mungo and Bran’s Celtic ancestors have lived around Yeavering bell (the hill of the goats) for thousands of years. Their Stone Age ancestors even built a sacred monument in the valley below; it’s been a special place for a very very long time.


Can you spot the site of the Stone Age monument on your map? It’s as old as the Egyptian pyramids!


Early the next morning as the sun began to rise over the hill fort, Mungo and Bran spotted some very strange looking people in the field below who seemed to be collecting water from the River Glen. “They must be the Saxons!” said Bran “Let’s hide behind Guardian Rock so we can spy on them.” Bran hopped onto Mungo’s back and they galloped down the hill side to get a closer look at the raiders. 





This 5km Tale Trail visits a large Iron Age hill fort, the site of an Anglo-Saxon palace and a Bronze Age burial cairn. The hill fort on top of Yeavering bell (361meters above sea level) is a truly amazing place with fantastic far reaching views. This trail really does offer the walker a fantastic window into the past lives of our islands ancestors.






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