The Adventures of Mungo and Bran - Romans 



“By the time the sun sets today we will be eating like kings!” said Bran to his faithful friend Mungo, who licked his lips hungrily.


Bran loved being a crazy Celt but today he was bored of being poor and a bit grubby round the edges, so he decided to set himself a challenge… CAKE!


Living alongside the Romans onHadrian’s Wallwas tough; they were rather bossy, very very strict and did not like to share but Bran was a determined little Celt and didn’t like to take “NO” for an answer.


“Dad, I’m a bit sick of eating sloppy porridge and quite fancy some cake tonight, and maybe some bacon, grapes and honey too while I’m at it.”


The Romans had a really exotic and varied diet including oysters and ice cream too!


“And where are you planning on finding those tasty treats, my boy?” asked his dad with a chuckle.


“In the fort at Great Chesters, of course. I know the Romans have plenty of exciting food from far away countries and so I thought I might pop in and try some for myself.”


Bran’s dad bellowed out a huge belly laugh and patted Bran on the head tenderly. “If you manage to eat cake my boy… I will eat my own helmet. You know the fort is in the military zone. NO ONE goes in there, especially us Celts!”





This 5km Tale Trail visits a large Roman fort, a milecastle, turret tower remains, Celtic standing stones and one of the best sections of Vallum (defensive ditches) along the wall. Great Chesters fort also contains the last standing Roman altar on Hadrian’s Wall.




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