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"Storytelling is such a powerful way of creating resourceful ways of thinking and can be a superb way to engage, motivate and inspire young people"


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If you have had chance to read any of my Tale Trails stories you might have noticed that each one is packed full of metaphors, positive messages and a little bit of 'feel good factor'.

Many teachers and outdoor facilitators have spoken to me about using storytelling to engage children in various aspects of education and from this I have developed workshops based around Tale Trail themes.


Each workshop is around 1 hour in length and can fit perfectly around school assemblies, single class lessons, CPD, teacher training and conferences.




Hetti the Carvetii 

Following your dreams........


Hetti wants to be a warrior just like her dad, this plucky little celt sure is determined. Will all her hard work pay off?







The Grumbletrog of Cliburn moss

Looks can sure be deceiving......


He is 8 feet tall with sharp pointy teeth and eats tree stumps but he is just a big friendly soul really.







The Marsh Kelpie

Trusting others......


The Marsh Kelpie is quite wary of humans and can decide very quickly whether to be your friend or foe; who will befriend him?






Pip the Impossible

Anything is possible......


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a world were everything is possible? I know someone who does.







The Nozomi bird

Making wishes......


The Nozomi bird is no ordinary bird, she flies through the air plucking rainbow wishes from the sky, think carefully about what you wish for.








Eric the Curious

Independence and self.......


Eric is a very curious sheep, from the moment he was born he has always wondered..... 



If you are interested in the above workshops please get in touch via my contact page.