Pip the Impossible of Lowther


Have you ever wondered
what it would be like to live in a world where everything is
possible?! Well I know of a little creature who does and his name is
Pip. Pip is a bat; he is 4cm tall, has soft minky fur and two very
sharp fangs.


Pip decided when he was
very young that he would like to be an owl, and because everything in
Pips' world is possible this would work out just fine, wouldn’t it?


Pip lives in a place
called Lowther castle, a magnificent place surrounded by lost gardens
and secretive creatures. His family, the 'Pipistrelles', have lived
here for hundreds of years, roosting in the castle walls and hunting
at night through the star filled skies.


Pip was happy enough at
first being a little bat, but he wanted more. He would hang from the
old Lowther Oak tree at night and watch the splendid owls hunting
silently through the trees. Pip was quite good at hunting silently
himself, but he found it difficult not to make “eeeek!!!” sounds
when he got excited and found standing the right way up very tricky
indeed. So night after night he watched in awe as the owls swooped
and glided like air and wished he had the courage to talk to them.
Can you see the old Lowther Oak tree on your map?



One night when Pip had
been watching the owls for some time, a beautiful barn  owl glided
down from the starry skies and came to rest on the very same branch
where Pip was hanging. Pip was desperate to talk to her but all of a
sudden felt a bit shy.


“Hello little friend”
said the beautiful barn owl. “Hello” said Pip, followed by a
surprised “eeeek!” “My name is Beatrice Babushka, but you can
call me Bee for short.”  Pip had never spoken to an owl before and
was so excited his cheeks went red and he nearly fell off his branch.....





A really special 5km walk around the Lowther estate; riverside paths, castles and lost garden doors!  Plenty to keep the kids entertained!


Make a day of it and combine your walk with a visit to Lowther castle or the nearby bird of prey centre, plenty of owls to see there! There is a great cafe on the walk at Askham hall with rare breed animals and yummy treats.


To enjoy Pip's Tale Trail 

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