Luna the Glow worm of Coppermines Valley

Isn’t it amazing how many fantastic creatures there are in the world.....

and isn’t it even more amazing that every one of them can do their job perfectly!


Squirrels are just great at hanging upside down and stuffing their

cheeks full of nuts.

Sheep are just fantastic at nibbling on grass all day long and

making woolly jumpers.

Hedgehogs are the world's best snufflers and can use
their long pointy noses to find just about anything!

And, well, glow worms and fireflies.......

they really are incredible, they can use their tails to light up

the night sky for hours and that's a pretty special
thing to see!


Can you think of any other animals who are really 

great at doing their job?

But, sometimes in the animal world things don’t always

work out quite right.......

Luna is a glow worm, she is 3cm tall (that's quite big for a glow worm).
She has six legs, just like all the other glow worms, two cute little
antennae sticking out of her head, just like all the other glow worms and a beautiful luminescent glowing tail, just like all the other glow worms.

There is just one problem, Luna has a faulty glow!










 A fantastic 6km walk around the impressive and atmospheric Coppermines Valley near Coniston. Discover waterfalls, giant glacial valleys and stunning scenery.


A great day out when combined with a boat trip on the Coniston launch.




To enjoy The Luna Tale Trail 

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Image description
Luna the glow worm of coppermines valley Coniston
Luna the glow worm of coppermines valley Coniston