Hetti the Carvetii of Pooley Bridge


 Living in the Iron age
in Cumbria was tough, especially when you were only 4 foot tall and
weighed as much as a crisp packet. During the Iron age most 7 year
olds were expected to cook and clean and help around the farm, but
Hetti the Carvetii had other ideas, Hetti wanted to be a warrior.

Lets get in our time machines and go back 2000 years......


Hetti lives in an
ancient hill fort near Pooley Bridge called Maiden castle.  Her
tribe, the Carvetii, have lived there for hundreds of years, farming
the land and defending their homes from other tribes. Life during the
Iron age is hard work. Every day Hetti gets up at 5am, she walks down
to the stream to collect fresh water, she milks the cows and then
collects wood for the fire, and that’s all before breakfast!  Can
you see Hetti's stream on the map? I wouldn't drink from it though,
it might have sheep poop in it. YUK!


One morning Hetti was
sat eating her porridge by the fire, snug inside her little round
house, when she had an idea. “Mum, how long does it take to become
a warrior?” she asked. “A very long time!” replied her mother.
“What about if I was to practice really hard for the next year?
Could I be a warrior by the time I was 8?” asked Hetti. “Not many
girls become warriors Hetti, they stay at home and help their mothers
to cook and make clothes”. Hetti did not like the sound of that at
all and decided that she would prove to her tribe that she could be
the best warrior there ever was.........









A fantstic 6km walk from Pooley Bridge exploring the iron age hill forts with spectacular views of Ullswater. You can even go straight from the Ullswater steamer pier, what a great combination.





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