Eric the Curious of Hallin Fell



Eric is a very curious sheep indeed;

from the moment he was born he had always wondered....
He wondered why he had to walk in a line, he wondered why he
shouldn’t go near dogs, he wondered why every time his fleece got
long it was cut off; he wondered about everything really.“Stop
asking questions!” his mum would say. But Eric couldn’t help it.
He wanted answers and he wanted them now.



Eric is a Herdwick sheep. 

He lives on a hill called Hallin fell next to the magnificent
lake Ullswater. His Viking ancestors have been here for more than
1000 years but Eric has only been here for one, just a baby really!
Eric was born with a black fleece and a left ear that was a bit



Since Eric was born he
has loved to explore and wonder, something which his mother finds
very frustrating. “Sheep aren’t supposed to go exploring Eric”
she would say, but Eric was just too curious. When Eric was just 3
months old he had his very first adventure. Eric spotted a big
building at the bottom of Hallin fell (called St Peters church on
your map) and this is what happened.....



 A great first mountain for little legs with spectacular views over Ullswater, a very popular add on to the lake shore loop from the Ullswater steamer pier, what a great combination!


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