My story........so far!

Hi I'm Anja!


I grew up in rural Cheshire and have fond memories of exploring the local countryside, gallivanting around country parks and inventing stories and games to fuel the imagination.


Now I'm based in beautiful Cumbria with my family, on the Solway coast. I still have the same passion to explore and discover new places and create magical stories around them.


I initially wrote a series of story walks that focused on giving children and the young at heart the best opportunities to get outside, to explore and to have adventures that are fun and inspiring from their perspective.


I have now published over 30 Tale Trails and also continue to work as a freelance writer and researcher for external organisations. Writing and mapping have become a real passion of mine and combining this with the outdoor environment is a dream come true.





My background


I have 12 years professional experience as a self employed teacher in mainstream, private and care industry education. I am a qualified Mountain Leader and development trainer within outdoor education.


My background means I have an excellent awareness of how to really engage with young people and also to understand how to choose areas that are appropriately accessible, safe and achievable for children to explore with grown ups.


I have a natural ability to interpret and work with environments to achieve the most impact for the people who visit them.  I get excited by the prospect of showcasing outdoor environments at their best and find I often have a crystal clear vision for how this can be achieved in practical terms.


I have excellent local knowledge of Cumbria and the surrounding counties and have recently developed trails for a variety of other locations ranging from hills forts in Northumberland to Covent Garden in London.


Anja Phoenix.





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Anja Phoenix and Sky
Anja Phoenix